Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seizure number 7

Quick overview....on Feb 27 Madison somehow spiked a fever and had a seizure while at therapy. I was able to get her medication in her system and the EMS team provided more medication while she was in transport to the hospital. Unfortunately, the seizure lasted close to an hour, stopped and then she intermitantly seized for 4 additional hours. She was intubated and was put in the ICU. Cat scan normal, EEG inconlusive due to the amount of meds in her system. Doctors have no reason for why this has happened again. This week Madison would have been 3 years seizure free and 8 months medication free. On a side note Viva did not go to school that day because she had gotten sick early Monday morning and I didn't want the teacher to have to take care of a possible sick dog. While Viva was at the therapy place she was not in the room with no alerting took place.....BUT she did ride in the ambulance, was in the ER, went to the CAT scan, stayed in Madison's ICU room and generally never left the hospital. She was amazing....doctors and nurses could not believe how well behaved she was....and she gave mommy and daddy support too!

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