Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15th Fundraising Update

A HUGE thank you to the following organizations, friends and family members who have contributed to Madison's fundraising goal.....we are getting closer to our $13K goal! As of today we are at $8,000.....To read your letters and emails of generosity is what keeps me going.....it also warms my heart to see the kid's allowance donations sent in too! AMAZING STUFF.....

Brad and Tina Belischner
Ginger and Mike Hicks
Jean and David Adkinson
Living Hope Community Church of Nazarene
MDN Group
J. Chandler
Jasona and Marie Adkinson
Jamie and Charolotte Lininger
Pat and Allen Israel
Euline Millican
Tom and Roxanne Niedbalski
Nora Millican
Annette Lepkowski
Lisa Lachs
Michael and Tina Spaulding
Jay and Lisa Mossing
Aunt Joan and Uncle Daryl Elton
Tikyani Ruxamani
April and Mark Clawson
T. Johnson
Airscan Inc.
Rotramel boys
Z. Landers