Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cast video

Cast Comes Off

"The Saw"

"Its off"

"What was in here?"

Madison finally got her cast off yesterday....I think I was more worked up about it then she was. In the end she did great, no crying or trying to jerk her arm away. Way to go Maddie....
PS -- x-rays look great too!
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Stir Crazy at its best....

Ok, so being cooped up in the house with three kids drove me to insanity....no seriously, I have always disliked the toilet paper holder and towel rack so I took a hammer to them...only to realize that what the builders used was for tile so they cut into the dry wall to hang those two things up...ugh...no I have to figure out how to fix the holes....fun, fun, fun

Daddy's Valentine

"Will you be mine, Daddy?"

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Here is Ashley measuring the second big "SNOW" storm this year....yes that is a grand total of 9 new inches.....fun stuff, fun stuff