Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am going to start with the good news. Mike got a promotion at work! It was wonderful that his whole family and my parents were able to come to Dayton and watch the event. He made an excellent speech.....he was nice to finally meet his co-workers!

Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Bailey boy tonight. We are not sure how it happened but we think the tree trimmers left the back gate open (they left in the dark) and we didn't know it until about 10pm....Ash, Uncle Phillip and I went searching for about an hour. We were going to try and find our way to a different neighborhood so I went down a very busy road (not expecting to find him) and there he was on the side. It looks as if someone hit him and dragged him to the side of the road. It was absolutely horrible and I was a mess BUT we have said out goodbyes to our Bailey boy...he no longer has to suffer from cancer and can run free all he wants in doggie heaven.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of yummy food (too much) brother James came with his girlfriend and the great chef that he is he made the most delicious mashed potatoes ever. We had lots to give thanks for....Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. (imagine Thanksgiving pictures here!!!)
Mike has made it to his destination...and already received the box we sent. Weather is nice...he has no hot water but he has a nice room.....likes the job and is able to communicate with us when I get this skype thing up and running...thought I had it and the wee little one started touching buttons...ugh.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mike's Deployment

Mike’s Deployment
Well we have finally told everyone in the family about Mike’s upcoming deployment. So far everyone is taking it well. He will be leaving sometime at the end of November...just when it starts to get cold here....and he will be arriving in HOT HOT weather....please keep us in your prayers as I try and figure out life as a single parent for some time to come....We will miss you, honey!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Racking Leaves

Well after the fun field weekend with Nana and PawPaw it was time to get to work on the yard...we spent and entire day cleaning out gutters and racking the endless yard full of leaves....we all had blisters on the hands and aching backs...can I hear a “YARD SERVICE” next fall.