Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where did MARCH go???

I am just going to type one big blog for the month of March because it literally flew by.

1. First we started off with a wonderful two week visit from Grandpa and Mimi (grandparents from Alabama)...Eddie wasted no time in tackling my to-do list and Mimi was a tremendous help around the house....she cleaned and did laundry like nobodies business. They also took Zach to ice skating lessons, golf lessons, Maddie to therapies and celebrated in her school birthday party (video on that later...sooo cute)...and took Ash to school when she "missed" the bus or picked her up from school track. I hated to watch them go!

2. Due to the in-laws visit I got to fly to Maine to see my best friend from college, "Bubblebut." Christy and I spent an entire weekend shopping, eating and hiking (not to mention we almost died). I even got to meet and greet and approve of the new boyfriend:) I had not been back to Maine since college oh, so long ago...I forgot just how beautiful it is! It went by way to fast so I am hoping for a speedy engagement/wedding soon!!!!! he he he

3. Returned from my relaxing weekend and went right into party mood. Madison turned four and is now one year seizure free. So I decided we do 4 right and we had a big "horsey" theme party. My great neighbor Theresa took over the cake duties and produced a fantastic horse and even showed me how to make horse so cute. The kids had a horse pinata, decorated wooden horse shoes, ran a sugar cube race, played pin the tail on the horse then went in search of the missing horses. I believe it was a good party had by all. Madison is still slowing opening her gifts.

4. However, I believe the biggest gift was the one of her Daddy showing up on her birthday! Yes, yes, yes, he suprised us all and made his journey of 20+ hours, got a ride from a stranger, and ended up in the house undetacted prior to our arrival home with last minute party things. It was a wonderful suprise.

5. We then spent several days resting from the party and suprise. We headed down to Alabama for Easter. We started our morning with a service with Grandmommy and then home to a wonderful Easter dinner....the kids were able to find all the eggs the "Big Bunny" hid however, he forgot how warm AL gets in the early afternoon so most of the chocolate eggs had melted.....then we got back in the car headed toward Birmingham were we spent the night with Uncle Phillip and Aunt Kristin. Kristin and I headed out for a girls dinner (never ever happened in our eight years of marriage)....we had a wonderful gab session, wished lived closer together.

6. The next day Mike and his brother got up early (before dark, ugh...we are on vacation) to go play a round of golf.
They returned home to a packed car. We loaded up and headed to Pensacola, FL for a much needed vacation. We checked into Portofino resort (highly recommend) and spent the 5 days playing in the pools, building sandcastles and eating out....Pensacola was a beautiful vacation we did not want it to end. However, all good things must come to an end....

Mike took the kids to see the Navy Blue Angels....they said it was a great show!

Our condo is behind us....look at that white sand!

7. We packed up the car again and drove to the University of Alabama. Apparently, Ashley is thinking this is where she wants to go to college so we took a trip there to walk around the campus and of course eat. It is a beautiful campus, people are friendly, however it isn't THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (I am a bit bias I know) we got back in the car and drove up to Huntsville, AL stay one night with Grandpa and Mimi and left the next afternoon for Ohio. It was a long drive but the kids hung in there.
Not sure who that coach is???? Anybody????

8. Mike left this past Monday to finish is deployment (Zachary and I took him to the airport in the afternoon - poor guy's flight was delayed so that added an additional hour). Back to life, back to reality, back to being a single, stressed out that how the song goes????

9. So here we is now 17 April and I am finally back on the blog...trying to get my desk cleaned off, house cleaned and the lawn mowed and to top it off my on-line school homepage has changed and I can't figure it out!!!!!!!! Here's hoping April will slow down!