Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Starts

Can't believe the kids are back in school. Ashley started the 9th grade, Maddie started at St Rita in Cincinnati (our school district is even paying for it and picking her up--no more 3 hours in the car for mom, yippee) and Zachary is going to preschool (we decided to give him one more year at home). I am working with him at home on his fine motor/phonics skills.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Update

Ash returned home early so Mike and Zachary were able to celebrate her 14th birthday with her. She had a yummey dinner with them and Auntie Lisa then opened up her gifts! Pictures to come soon....

Maddie and I returned early from MI for the weekend because Madison was the "star" of a local horse show. She rode on her horse "Reese Cup" while I read her story to the crowd. I wasn't ready for that one but I made it through....

In all my updates I keep promising video I will post the videos later!

July Update

Our black lab, Bailey was diagnosed with cancer. He is 11 years old. We went ahead and had surgery we just have to wait and see if it is going to come back. We are so sad! During his weekend of recovery from surgery Nat painted the “racing” stripes on Zachary’s bedroom walls. Only 2 more rooms to go in the house and we have painted everything.

Nat went to the Apraxic conference in Chicago. She wrote an article received a scholarship towards the conference fees. Lots of good information was learned and new friends were made. My friend Ginger came for a visit....she flew into Midway and then drove with me all the way back to Ohio. We chatted non-stop for 6 hours...Gotta love Ginger! Her visit was too short....

Our friends the Olech’s came and stay for a weekend. We went to the Air Show and the boys went to the Dragon’s was so great to catch-up on each others lives. We are so happy they will be so close....and can’t wait to visit DC!

Nat and Maddie are gearing up for the Kaufman 3 week visit in August. Thanks for hanging in there while I have been non-existent on our blog. I intend to do better in the near future!

June Update

Ash finished 8th grade at Magsig Middle School, we can’t believe she is going to be in High School....oh, where does the time go??? So we decided to treat her and she got her ears pierced. She was a tough trooper too, not even a flinch...see the video!

Madison also finished her 2 month preschool year. The class put on a wonderful end of the year program. Grandmommy stayed an extra day so she could take part in the presentation. What a fun way to end the school year! She then started school at St Rita School for the Deaf. They have a wonderful summer program. She will be kept very busy learning and making new friends.

Mike and I celebrated our 8th year marriage anniversary; well kinda of...he was TDY for 2 weeks in AL....looking back on our 8 years of marriage has been fun and trying...but I wouldn’t want any other partner to go through life with...We will be taking a weekend away trip to Cedar Point sometime this summer....

At the end of the month we went to the Cincinnati zoo with Madison’s class from school. Zachary brought his bestest buddy, turned out to be the hottest day of the summer thus far...but good times were had by all!

May Update

Zachary finished another year of preschool. He put on a great end of the year video...he was so cute and proud of himself.

Nora aka Grandmommy (Mike’s mom came to visit)....she got to see the AF museum and all around Dayton. She also kept down the fort while Nat and Maddie flew back out to CT to see the oral-motor specialist. Maddie made lots of progress and has been accepted into the Kaufman 3 week intensive summer program. Yeah!

Zach turned 5....He celebrated his birthday this year three separate times. While Grandpa and Mimi were here we had a cake and he opened up gifts. Then Grandmommy came to visit and she made him her special “Grandmommy cake.” Then we had a big celebration with his friends, mommy’s college friends and the Mossing clan. We had a pizza party at the local water park. Plus, he got to blow out the candles on his Pikachu cake (made by mommy, Auntie Christy and Ms Karen)