Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another 29th Birthday for Natalee

Yes, Yes, I celebrated another 29th birthday.....We had cake the night before....yummy ice cream cake....we kept the day low know driving 10/11 hours does that for you.....I don't believe we even took pictures of the event....oh, well there is always next year at my next 29th birthday party.

I did get to drive to Montgomery to see my good friend, Krista so that was great fun. She treated me to dinner at Longhorn and lots of conversation....miss u lots girl!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Big Game

The day is finally here for Mike's team to set the record straight....we went out the night before to buy game shirts for all of the kids.....Mike's whole family got together, rented a HD tv to watch the game....heard it was a good time had by all....and yes ALABAMA "the elephants" finally won against Auburn.....I was in Montogomery holding baby Caleb and consoling Kristen (Auburn fan).....ROLL TIDE

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Alabama

Happy Turkey Day to everyone.....we are thankful that we are back in the US and able to drive to see family....although what a drive we had ahead of us.....we spent the day at Grandmommy's house eating a wonderful feast in her newly renovated kitchen....we had turkey, ham, mac n' cheese (southern dish), stuffing, green beans, and choc pie, plus, homemade apple pie.....and can't forget that sweet tea...

After the lunch we packed everyone up and head to the park to walk it off....Nora, Ash and I walked about 4 miles while Mike and Uncle Mitchell played at the park with the kids....

A wonderful day had by all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nancy Kaufman Center Visit

Today, Madison and I had her evaluation at the Nancy Kaufman Center in Michigan. Nana and Uncle James came with us....what a great help they were....the evaluation was informative but disappointing at the same time. Nancy doesn't believe that Madison is ready for the Kaufman method yet....she believes that her oral-motor and sensory integration issues are bigger issues to address at this time. So we are trying to go to Conn. to see a oral-motor specialist......she also stated that Madison needed to get her OU, O, E, and T down pat before any clear speech could be understood.

Good news on the preschool homefront...with a few phone calls Madison is now in the EI preschool four times a that will hopefully start next week....yeah, more peer interaction and daily therapists.....

Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU vs MI -- the big day!!!

Madison and I watched the BIG game with family and friends....I broke down the night before and had to buy her a OSU cheerleading outfit....she was a cute cheerleader....with all of the folks in the house she was the hit of the night...kept giving high 5's.....what a great game to end the season with......GO BUCKS

Friday, November 21, 2008

First Snowfall

We woke up to our first snowfall.....everyone was excited including the dogs! Kids couldn't wait to get outside and play in the 1" of snow!!!! Coming out of the gym and putting Maddie in her car seat, I turn around to look for Zachary and for a brief moment I thought I lost him. But it turns out he was "licking" the bumper....I say "yuck" Zach that is dirty....he said Mommy it is white it's not I tell him to stick out his tongue and try to catch the flakes instead....oh, to see the world through the eye of a 4 year old....Happy winter to all.

Thank the Lord!

We just recieved word that Madison DOES NOT have Alpers disease.....thank you to all of you who prayed for her......we are now back to not knowing why she is still delayed...So this is what we do know she has global delays, apraxia and delayed mylin but maybe all those issues will clear up in time with the appropriate help!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Madison Update

Hi everyone -- good far these are the test results that have come back.....

blood sugars -- good
liver -- good
febrile seizure plus -- NEGATIVE -- which is good
sleep deprived EEG -- good...lots of twitching activity but NORMAL....apparently due to Madison low tone...and the fact that she works so hard daily her muscles will twitch more than normal
MRI -- good....and CONFIRMED that she does have delayed 3rd opinion is a charm....waiting on the other mitchocondria blood work to include the ALPERs test....
We are both hoping that that too will come back normal/negative....we truly believe the seizures just threw her little body into a tizzy...and with the proper early include more speech...she will develop on that "normal" route...
We also just got a phone call (2 days ago) that she does qualify for the Kauffman I am driving to MI next week for that evaluation...a bit of money out of our pocket...but if it helps Madison to speak then it is all worth it!