Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Madison’s new slippers

I have been cleaning and sorting kids clothes since we are no longer in summer (where did it go??) and I found PJs that I thought wouldn’t fit Maddie until next year but I was wrong (she now outweighs her brother by 2 pounds...he has by 1" in height....ugh, the little guy has got to grow)...How I digress.....I put on her new purple Dora slippers and she started doing this dance in them...but I was to slow on the uptake to get the orginal dance....but I did manage to get her to move her feet to show Nana!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Maddie & her MRI

Madison had her 4th MRI today. She was a real trooper too! The MRI started at about 10AM then when it was over we headed to the Cincinnati Aquarium where there was no wait to get in (I believe that is the secret, go on a weekday).....we did a quick walk through...maybe we jogged at the end because we had to run over to Kentucky to see her neurologist. The report is promising...her Mylin is still producing which is good (one’s mylin normally finishes growing by the age of two).....we wonder if the fish oil and whole milk with DHA is making the difference. He did state though that he did not believe that she has CP in her right foot (we were happy to hear that)...but we will continue to monitor her progress. He was happy to hear her say her name and other things....we will continue to work with her and enjoy her for who she is.....Now we just have to ward off the flu this season so she doesn’t have any seizures.....Oh, Maddie just turned 3.5.....can’t believe how time flies!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soccer season

This is Zachary’s first soccer game. Last year he played inside soccer so this is first game on the grass! Go Zach....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Beautiful Harley girl

Here is poor Harley getting dressed up again.
She takes so much love from Maddie!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farm Field Trip

Today we went to Sunrock Farms near Cincinnati with Maddie's class from school. Zachary and Maddie were able to pet cows, sheep, horses, and hold chickens. Right before lunch each of the kids were able to milk a goat....that was a sight to see. Maddie just wanted to play in the warm milk. Lastly, they sat inside a wigwam (which was a structure that the Indians here in Ohio used to sleep and eat in) Enjoy the videos...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OSU a "BIG" game


Mike and I were privileged to get to see The Ohio State University play at the "shoe." Mike made contact with the OSU staff and was able to score 2 seats in the press box. I had no idea exactly what that meant until we were there. OK, this was soooo cool. The seats were on the 40 yard line and overlooking everything. Food and drinks were free (no alcohol)....the press had to work. Plus, after the game were able to go on the field and take pictures. Being that I attended OSU I never went to the pre-game stuff....I was to busy enjoying beverages....man did I miss things...like the team warming up...and the "bee-hive" and the "post-game" song by the team....we were even found by my brother James in a massive crowd of people. So hope you enjoy the pictures!