Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zachary turns 7!

To think seven years ago our baby boy came into this world, screaming his little head off....we thank God every day for you, Zachary. This year we decided to have a "movie star" themed party and it turned out that Kung Fu Panda 2 was making its debut. Zachary invited a few friends from his class over for pizza, cake (in the shape of a popcorn box), ice cream and an outing to the movie theatre. We had so much fun listening to them "chat" about the movie on the way home....the laughter and youth made us both reminisce about how fast he is growing up!

Ashley's First Job

Ashley's summer job....we are so proud of Ashley for getting her first job....

Mother's Day

My mother's day this year was truly "a mother's day." Maddie was sick so I got to sit and rock her all day....and be a mom! Ashley made me the most yummy mother's day dinner too...she spent hours in the kitchen cooking for me....it was wonderful! Mike and the kids went overboard with wonderful gifts....loved my chimena and the smores we cooked were yummy!

Toothless Boy

In the last 2 months, Zachary has lost 4 teeth. He is growing up way to fast.
Tooth Number Two


We had a wonderful Easter this year. We were able to celebrate a day early with Uncle Tony and Uncle Jamie (Natalee's brothers). Natalee and Jamie cooked a yummy dinner, followed by playing Euchre late into the evening and then assisting the Easter bunny...we all know how busy he can get. Early the next morning not only did Natalee have a horrible case of food poisoning but Zachary found the golden egg. The kids enjoyed several egg hunts and Ashley even filled her basket.

A new driver on our roads

We can hardly believe the time has come for our Ashley to get her driver's license. Mike took her to get her temps (oh, the embarrassment) and took plenty of pictures for me to view. She didn't want her younger siblings to attend in this momentous occasion. Thankfully, she has to wait a bit of time and take drivers classes before the "real" license is issued.