Monday, March 31, 2008

March Posting

Hi family and friends -- wow, where did March go? We had a verybusy month.
I completed 2 -- 5K running races, hiked to Mt Lam Lam (tallest peak in Guam), rode a 20K bike race, hosted a bookclub meeting(we read The Other Bollyen Girl), learned how to make lumpia and playedBunko with the girls.
Mike -- worked, worked and worked. He was also able to get in some golf with his buddies. This month we finally decided it was time to try and leave the island early; due to Madison's medical history we are trying to be closer to doctors who can help her on a consistent basis. We are now just waiting to hear where we will go next and what Mike's next job will be!
Ash -- had a girl scout sleepover down at one of the local hotels. The girls worked on badges and had a great time. She came homewith a nasty sunburn!
Zachary -- was able to get up close and personally with thelocal snakes here "The Brown Tree Snake".....we took a tour of the USDA facility where we petted the snakes and watched the terrier dog hunt them out...pic attached
Madison -- turned two this month! We had a festive "flowerblooming" party for her at the pool! It was a great time had by all!She also had a swallow test completed; a complete trooper during that test...she even amazed the radiologist. The results indicated that she has an aversion to tough foods and possible dystharia...although the local neurologist doesn't concur at this time. So we will be off to Hawaii in 1 week (21st April) for her repeat MRI....hopefully, that willbe NORMAL and we can press with speech therapy and time! This month we also took away her beloved pacifier...ugh has that been hard...she has found her way back into our bed again...but we are slowly trying to work on that! We also attended the Kite festival here on was greatto see all of the wonderful colors in the sky....
Lastly, we celebrated St Pats (made cereal necklaces) and Easter with the kids. The kids decorated eggs, colored cookies with the neighbors, participated in two easter egg hunts. Madison actually understood the concept of picking them up and putting the eggs in her basket (Ashleywas a great help this year too!). Zachary was so fast we barely got any pictures of him. Next month we will write about Nat's travels to Bali, familytrip to Hong Kong, Ash's spring break and give you the lastest and greatest info on Madison. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taking a break from all the fun in the sun. We enjoyed our President's Day at Tarza water park. We were there when it opened and almost closed it down. Here is Madison taking her afternoon nap. She fell asleep on my lap while taking a ride on the lazy river; she transitioned well to the beach chair.