Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpking Carving
Well for some reason we had such a hard time carving out time to carve out our pumpkins this we spent one beautiful fall afternoon of cutting out the tops and scooping out the pumpkin guts...which Madison thoroughly enjoyed....then a little more than a week later when Nana and PawPaw came down to help celebrate Halloween we finished the carving....Thanks Nana and PawPaw for getting us motivated.

This is fun is so gooey!
Mom, do I really have to touch this stuff!
Common, seriously, another pumpkin I have to gut!

Last Soccer Game
Zachary’s last soccer game was a bust..somehow I messed up the time....we arrived just as the team was coming off the field....I had one said Yellow Parrot on my hands....but the day was saved by eating pizza with the team and getting trophies. The famous quote by the coach was "Zachary the fireball" he was up for running up and down the field and never lost the energy...umm...I wonder why???

Halloween Night
Our trick or treaters were ready for a spooky evening of delight. Zach was besides himself and continued to tell me that his dinner could be the candy he received. Needless to say we were out at 6pm.....Zachary was GI Joe and Maddie a beautiful fairy princess. The weather was a tid bit warmer this year than last so that was nice....we were able to get a few more houses in....Didn’t get a picture of Ashley because she went to a friends to dress like a nerd!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

A question we have pondered over and over....we finally relented and got everyone vaccinated except for Maddie. After visiting with her neurologist in September we were all for getting the flu shot for her but then we saw an episode on Fox news with a prominent doctor who advised against it for folks with mitochondrial issues and that is where it goes gray. Some doctors think there is more wrong with Maddie then what science can so far determine, “the technology just isn’t there yet,” is a phrase we have heard often. So after much research and endless phone calls to doctors, health departments and schools....I found that the base had a theramsol free flu shot available. So we decided to go ahead and give her that shot. Now fast forward a week and she has round two of the the question remains did the flu shot prevent this episode from being worse? A question I ponder in at night while laying in bed holding and praying that she doesn’t have another seizure....we are getting so close to that 8 month mark that we haven’t been able to get over in 16 months...ugh! I HATE this....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Alabama for the Boys

Mike and Zach went to AL for a long weekend. They had a great time see MomMaw (Zach's great grandma), visiting with Grandmommy, seeing the cousins, playing golf and eating lots of good food. Bonus, was Mike's tenacity paid off with two free tickets to go and watch the AL game versus TN (I think that is who they played)....Mike and his brother, Phillip had a great was an awesome game and AL almost lost it! (from a Buckeye perspective!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solar System

Well we finished Zach's first big homeschooling project, the solar system. He has done a wonderful job reading books about the planets, typing the planets names and making his own solar it is off to study maps (when I can get my act together!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin picking!

Today we went to the farm to pick pumpkins from the field. This was Mike’s first experience actually pulling the pumpkins from the field. We rode a tractor out to the fields (Maddie was excited about that)....then we went on a search to find the perfect pumpkin (no the rule from when I was young did not apply....the kids could pick what ever pumpkin they wanted.....we had a wagon to pull them back to the tractor).....Ashley and Zachary got big pumpkins...and Maddie picked the pumpkin that had dirt and worms on it....I believe she had more fun picking off the dirt and playing with the worm. Then it was off to stand in line to get some yummy ice cream (mind you it was 6ish and time for dinner).....then we got in the car and came home to make dinner. A fun day was had by all!