Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Posting

The month of April was extremely busy. Let me start with the big news we got the word that WEARE MOVING BACK TO THE US..... We are excited to get closer to top-notch medical facilities and closer to family. We should be back in the states in the next 45 days if not sooner. now the packing begins and the decision of where to live ensues to.

The month of April started off with a bit of rest and relaxation for Natalee in Bali. I joined a couple of friends from here in Guam and we headed to another tropical island. When we arrived (after a difficult landing -- piolt missed the runway the 1st attempt)...we landed to a good rain storm. After finding out hotel and having a tropical drink we got some muched needed rest. We spent our trip relaxing at the spas, white water rafting, camel riding and sight seeing/buying gifts for the kiddos.

Madison had her 2 year pictures cute but lots of work...I left sweating...not sure how the photographer does that for a living. Thank goodness for technology, because I don't think she was able to capture too many "smiles."

Ashley had spring break...and enjoyed numerous sleep overs with her pal,Megan. We visited Underwater world and did some bowling. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of new things to see and do on the island...once you have lived here for 2 years. Uncle Phillip came for a visit, all the way from Alabama. We took around the sights on the island and then he and Mike left for a guys getaway to Palau. Their trip to Palau was fantastic. They were able to spot sharks, sting rays and loads of fish. They did 3 dives a day andwere pretty tired by the end of the trip. The kids had a great timewith Uncle Phillip...he went to the pool with Zach and accompanied Maddie to tumbling time.

Zachary learned how to whistle this month. We were driving somewhere and kept hearing this noise and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I said to Zach hey, Zach do you hear that squeal noise, I hope the car isn't breaking down. He said, this noise mommy? And there you have it...the boy can now whistle...lots of fun to see him master the skill. He is also a whiz on his tricycle when he wants to be....

We were also able to get a trip into Hong Kong this month as well. Seeing Uncle Tony and Aunt Nisha and baby Milan was great fun. We packed alot of sight seeing into the 4 day trip. We visited the "big budda", Disneyland (Maddie went crazy over the sight of Mickey Mouse andthroughly enjoyed the parade), local "wet" market (fish/fruit),shopping, eating Krispy Creme and relaxing with Milan. We had a wonderful time, unfortunately, Ash didn't come with...she decided she didn't want to miss a week of school and a band concert (our studious daughter)!

Lastly, Madison and I went back to Hawaii for her neurology follow-up.She had her 2nd MRI done. The results were that her brain mylin hasprogressed from 6 mns ago but isn't complete. The docs thing that it isin the final stages of completion and hope it will be done within another 6mns-1year....(normally by the age of 2 it is completed) that leaves the question of did the lack of mylin cause the seizures orvice versus...and unfortunately, that is a question that we will never have an answer for....the docs do believe that Maddie has a language disorder not a delay so that was a bit of a bummer...called Apraxia...basically, her brain is not wired correctly to tell her mouth,throat, lips etc. to move at the same time to form this will take intensive therapy to hopefully, correct...and get Madison to be understood by the general population..thus, our return to the states. So that is our April in a nut shell.