Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zachary and his first hit of the season

Zachary is once again very busy for the month of May. He currently is swimming twice a week, soccer twice a week and tee-ball twice a week with a golf lesson every Saturday. This was his first hit of the season!

This was Zach's last soccer game (held yesterday).....he wasn't playing goalie, but look at that save! He was apart of the "Red Chicken's" team. The coach said, "he can't wait to see him in a couple of years, he will be GOOD, REAL GOOD....the kid's got speed and agility." That's our boy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers to all of you mom's, aunts, and grandmothers....

My day started as usually making breakfast for everyone and then running to a ball game (Zach's first one of the later)....and then cleaning up a gory, nasty mess from Maddie all afternoon (did I mention that it included a good 4 different diaper changes) much for sleeping in, getting served breakfast in bed, taking a nap and overall relaxing...maybe next year when Mike returns home!

So an email arrived last week that lists the difference between special needs moms and regular moms. I totally could see myself in that list. So for all you mom's out there...enjoy this list and count your blessings!

By Dawn Villarreal, One Place for Special Needs, May 2010
"Moms, a stranger walks among you. We look like regular moms, but we are the hybrid to your standard engine. Our child's disability altered us, enhanced us. Many words describe us: resilient, creative, protective, emb lodened, sympathetic, fierce and determined. We are speical needs moms. How do our lives stand apart from your own? Take a look the hood and see for yourself.

Regular moms tell their kids to wake up and get dressed in the morning. And they do it. Special needs moms put on battle gear to get our kids ready to start their day.

regular moms ask their kids if they brushed their teeth. Special needs moms prompt, "brush your top teeth. Brush your bottom teeth. Did you get the sides? Open your mouth. My God, give me that toothbrush! You've left half your meal in there."

Regular moms wave goodbye as their kids run off to catch the school bus. Special needs moms get awesome door-to-door bus service for their child.

Regular moms know the names of all their friends. Special needs moms know most of their friends by their username.

(my addition: regular moms know the names of the kid's friends and classmates....speical needs moms hope and pray their child has A friend)

Regular moms judge other moms when kids have tantrums in stores. Special needs moms say to themselves, "Hmm, I wonder which disability he has?"

Regular moms complain about driving their kids to sports and reacreation classes. Special needs mom grin and bear the weekly trips to tutors, doctors and therapists.

Regular moms' kids have a teacher. Speical needs moms' kids have a TEAM.

Regular moms talk about accomplishments. Special needs moms talk about skills, as in play skills, conversation skills, life skills, social skills and vocational skills.

Regular moms relax with their kids during the summer. Special needs moms start their second job as home teachers, therapists and skills coaches.

Regular moms think accomodations refer to hotels. Special needs moms have memorized the top 20 accomendations for their child.

Regular moms hope their child finds a good career. Special needs moms are hopeful someone gives our child the chance to work.

Regular moms soak in the tub when they want to unwind. Special needs moms consider a bathroom break a luxury.

Regular moms enjoy reading the latest best selling book. Special needs moms should receive an honorary degree for all the disability books they've read.

Regular moms go out for dinner and a movie with their husbands every month. Speical needs moms have a date night with their husbands every....wait, what decade is this?

Regular moms complain their kdis won't eat their vegatables. Special needs moms are so desperate we consider chicken nuggets to be a legitimate meat product and throw in ketchup as a vegetable.

Regular moms' kids go to play groups. Special needs moms' kids go to therapy groups.

Regular moms meet for a ladies night out. Special needs moms get together at a support groups and forums.

Regular moms have medical claim forms that fit into one file folder. Special needs moms will tell you a small forest was cut down so we could receive our claims.

Regular moms think OT means overtime. Special needs moms know more acronyms than a NASA engineer.

Regular moms have time to cook a full dinner every evening. Speical needs moms will never admit how many times we've picked up fast food.

Regular moms complain their husbands sit on the couch while they do all the work. Special needs moms...well how about that? Some things do stay the same! "