Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween -- Houdini Howlers Style

Day 7 of training started off with two tracks in the midst. Grandpa took Maddie by stroller through a baseball field and hid behind a shed and on the second trip he took her stroller through a dense wood trail and hid behind some brush. Via found her both times.....she is getting better and better at tracking Maddie. Then we went back to 4 Paws and worked on tethering Maddie to Viva....this is where Madison is hooked to Viva and she has to staying in a down position while Madison pulls on her or while we are walking Madison is walking next to her or behind her. Although both girls are about the same weight Viva is a strong dog and is able to keep Madison from running...yeah! Then if was off to the mall again to walk through the stores, ride in elevators, and meet huge stuffed tigers. Viva also tracked a trainer twice through the shoe department and did fabulous. We ended the day with a gathering of 5/10 service dogs at our house for a potluck and trick or treating through the neighborhood. Maddie was "Batgirl" and Viva was "Wonder dog." We didn't stay out to long for Madison is now on her second round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. Zachary on the other hand took advantage of the wonderful weather and stayed out for the two hours and collected a ton of candy. He was a "Pokemon" trainer.....Happy Halloween and to all a good night! Sorry, I am getting ahead of myself! The last picture I just took is of Madison and Viva laying in bed sleeping for the 3rd night in a row....Viva is doing great...I heard Madison the other night at 2am..."Viva, oh Viva girl." So much better than "Mommy, mommy I sleep here!"

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